Been busy these past couple of days and not wanting to write out anything. I’ve been slowly but surely getting my business together and I’ll be showcasing it soon on here. Also handling my parent’s business slowly but surely. My brain has been fried by the end of the day.

Monday I went to the Zocalo area of Mexico City. It has everything you could ever dream of with all kinds of stores, restaurants, things to do, you name it. I walked around for about two hours and saw some interesting things. Remind me next time to bring cash BEFORE I go down there as the line was ridiculous for every ATM I found. I ended up having enough for an ice cream and munched on that. It was delicious! They also wouldn’t let me practice my spanish which I was mad about. The guy spoke english to me.

On my way to the mall one day and I saw Uber Eats. I never had the opportunity to use it when I lived in LA because I lived in an area where they didn’t deliver. I decided to download the app and see what it was all about. I’m here to say that I’m in LOVE. No more out searching for food. It costs a little under $2 to deliver which is not bad at all. So far I’ve tried three different restaurants and Krispy Kreme. My food was hot and fresh with no delivery issues.

The exchange rate out here just keeps getting better by the day. I get a little over 21 pesos per dollar which is outstanding.

I’ll be heading to my spa appointment tomorrow. It is much, much needed.

I’m going to book my food tour for sometime next week. I’m excited!


Use my code: eats-lr580 for free money to use at Uber Eats.