I use a service by the name of Anveo. I actually have been using them for YEARS because of my business. I had a cheap 1-800 number with them at one time and when I moved here I got a Mexico number to forward to my phone.

It is a very cheap way to get a number almost anywhere in the world and have it forwarded to your cell phone. As far as I know, you can get the US number forwarded to any number around the world. I have my US number forwarded to my Mexico number and it works beautifully.

They have three different plans to choose from: pay per minute (50 cent/minute), personal ($2/month), and the office ($4/month) plan. You can send and receive phone calls, faxes, and text messages.

You can get a new number with them or port your number. I had a Google Voice number so porting my number was really easy and cost $3. If you don’t have a Google Voice number, then the process is a little more tedious with filling out a form. Find out more information here. You can also check here to see if your number is portable.

Please, please if you do sign up, make sure to use my referral code: 7488707

Muchas gracias!