Today was a waste. The folks below me moved out and took their internet with them. SO I did not have internet ALL day long. From about 10am until 7pm. I sat at home and missed class because I didn’t know if the installation people had to come in my apartment or not. Ended up being a big ol mess. Around 5pm she told me the people were done and that she just needed to get the username and password. So I sat around for another hour before I messaged her again. By this time I’m pissed because I can’t make money unless I have the internet and I told her no internet no rent. I called Airbnb to try to resolve the problem and told them I’m not paying for squat and will be out of here tomorrow if she doesn’t get my internet TODAY. She finally messaged me with the username and password and told me the woman wasn’t home. I’m like you could have told me that hours ago. Anyhoo everything is solved and this internet connection seems stronger and more stable *knock on wood*.

I was supposed to go sign up for my spa day today so that made me mad even more. I came to Mexico to de-stress not stress. I decided I’m going to do the museum and tequila tasting on Saturday so watch out for pictures and the story.