I know I recommended a few other sites but I’m in LOVE with this one for learning Spanish! Lessons are through Skype and they have UNLIMITED lessons for $129/month! You can choose the same teacher every day or get different ones. They have pre-planned lessons they use (which I think are decent) or you can choose to do your own lessons. The teachers are Venezuelan though which I don’t think will be a huge problem. You would just have to brush up on a few specific terms for your chosen Spanish speaking country. Hours are from 6 am to midnight. The lessons are integrated with the Memrise app so you can practice at your leisure after each lesson and reinforce the learning. The first week is $1 so it doesn’t hurt to try!

The website forces me to a schedule and right now I’m doing classes twice a day, seven days per week. If I can’t make a lesson at a certain time of day, then I can schedule them for earlier in the day or later in the day. It will probably be with a different teacher but they all use the same curriculum so it won’t be too much difference. I tried Verbling, Preply, Italki…and the teachers either didn’t show up or I had to change my schedule and couldn’t stick to it. I wanted to be able to stick to the same curriculum and not have to start over with a new teacher each time I couldn’t make a lesson with a specific teacher.

Check it out here