Had fun seeing someone off back to the states that lived in another part of Mexico. We went out for Indian food and ran our mouths. Ended up not going to bed until midnight while still having to wake up at 5am to make the Pyramids Tour. Woke up at 5am, wasn’t tired at the time, but the Indian food was vicious to my stomach. I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t feel good, but said I wasn’t wasting my money so went anyway. My stomach didn’t go haywire on me any further and I was good the rest of the day.

Ubered out the house around 6:10am and the meet up spot was at a hostal. I was terrified as I was riding through as the neighborhood looked rough with homeless people and graffiti everywhere. I just knew I was going to have to stand outside for 20 minutes in this rough neighborhood, but the hostal was nice enough to let me come in. I was the first one there and as the time shortened people started strolling in.

The bus pulled up and we all hopped in. The tour guide spoke in english and spanish. Riding along in the bus, I saw parts of Mexico City I had never seen before and I will have to explore. I found the cable cars that cross through the city and I’ll definitely add that to my list of things to do. We first stopped at a gas station to get snacks and drinks. I opted for some kind of snack with fiber in it and orange juice. I packed my own water. We left there and onto the pyramids!

It’s been raining everyday for almost the past week, but only in the evenings. It was strange to rain so early in the morning. The rain let up as soon as we got off the bus, but it was still dreary and very cold. I prayed it warmed up soon. It eventually did as the day progressed. The whole area where the pyramids are is beautiful. They do hot air balloon rides there too and I’ll have to come back for that.

The pyramids are huge and I could only climb the first one. I climbed the first, smallest pyramid and I almost died from lack of oxygen. I refused to look down as I walked up the steps. Once I was up there it was amazing. There’s another pyramid right behind it with beautiful carvings on it. You can walk down and get a closer look. Coming back down I refused to walk and scooted my butt down the steps. I was not about to trip with my big feet and risk falling down the stairs.

Next we walked down paths to see different areas of the landscape. There is all kinds of history underneath the ground that is currently being excavated as I type this. Next up was the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. I did neither as I was not about to die from lack of oxygen. The air is really thin in Mexico City and I still haven’t adjusted properly. They gave us about a hour to check out the two largest pyramids and climb then. I decided to sit down on a smaller, flat pyramid, eat a snack, and wait. After I ate my snack, I could barely keep my eyes open. So I hugged my bag, put my head in my lap, and fell asleep. I have no idea how long I was out but I started to fall over and woke up.

It was 10 minutes until the next leg of the tour. I waited, but saw no one I knew. I thought they left me so decided to go check out where the ancient people lived, then head back to the bus. The ancient people were TINY! I’m almost 5’11” and I barely fit through the door. You could see the areas where the people lived and the art they created. The buildings were made out of stone and looked as if they had never been lived in.

I walked out of where the people lived and found the tour guide looking for me. He said he saw me sitting on the pyramid steps, looked back over, and I was gone. I apologized and he said everything was ok. The next part of the tour included an obsidian workshop, liquor tasting, and lunch (extra fee). The obsidian workshop was interesting and I even watched how they turn it into decorations. I didn’t get to taste all the liquor because they let us throw our first cup away but then didn’t tell us to keep the second one. I didn’t feel like being a pain so didn’t drink the last three shots. Lunch was a buffet or you could order something off the menu. I opted for the buffet which was really good. I had flautas, black beans, tortilla soup, papayas, and strawberries.

We received a native dance show at the restaurant which was entertaining. I met one guy from New York and another guy from Spain. We chatted it up while eating lunch. After lunch was the bus ride back to the city center. Of course I fell asleep and didn’t wake back up until we got there. All in all for the amount I paid ($38.99+$10 for lunch), it was well worth it. I highly recommend the tour.

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