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Updated My Book: Leave That Life

Did a few updates to my book. Go get it now!
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Robbery in Mexico City

If you were wondering about the article from yesterday, I have been taking writing gigs and you will see an odd post here and there. Now back to scheduled writing…

I talk about one of my peeps who got robbed on Tuesday, how safe it REALLY is in Mexico City, safety in the United States, and how safe I feel in Mexico City in my podcast HERE. I love Mexico City and this is my home now, especially since I’m a Permanent Resident. I will not be leaving anytime soon.

I have my first interview in Mexico City on Monday! I figured I’ll go experience that here since I don’t work here and then tell everyone about how the process goes. Plus I just received my Permanent Residency in March so couldn’t work unless I got sponsored anyway. It’s for a tech company so this should be interesting. Stay tuned…
Read my book and move abroad today:
Listen to my podcast:
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One of the bravest things I’ve ever done…

When was the last time you did something brave? What happened?

I was twenty-two or twenty-three can’t remember and don’t feel like calculating. Anyhoo I’m originally from Sacramento, California and according to sunshine hours one of the most sunniest cities in the US. I moved over 3,000 miles away to depressing Boston, MA…Malden, MA to be exact for a job with the Internal Revenue Service aka IRS. Yup I was one of THOSE people 😁. People were saying I was crazy to leave but I went to start a career with the federal government. I couldn’t turn that down. I was  so bright eyed and excited not knowing exactly what to expect. I was ready for that big city life and somewhat for the snow.

In between the blizzards, earthquakes (yup first one I was ever in), hurricanes (I was in Hurricane Sandy), negative temperatures, going weeks without the sunshine, terrible drivers, rude people, horrible food, old housing, racism…I was a mental breakdown mess. I can go on for hours on how I hated damn near every minute of living in Boston. I lived there for almost three years until my job transferred me to San Diego (and I have stories for days about that horrific place too). There were so many days I wanted to quit and go back home but I knew this was the best thing for me. I almost didn’t live through it!

I stuck with it though to become vested with the federal government. I’ve learned that you need to do hard things in your life (especially while young and able) to make a way for a better future. I’ve been there, done that, and everything is fine now. Bet you I’ll never do it again though!

Boston Winter 2010-2011

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