If you are Mexican, a resident, or just passing through Mexico instead of staying, you don’t have to pay the Mexico Tourism fee when you fly. As of now, that is $28.63 one way…which is almost a week of groceries for me! I asked for a refund from Southwest on Twitter on 3/2 with just my resident visa instead of my physical resident card. Had no idea if they would give me my money back or not but my fingers were crossed and I was patient. I looked in my bank account this morning and the money was back in my account as of yesterday 3/25. So it took them three weeks to get it back to me. I’m not complaining! They did short me 60 cents though, I received $28.03 back.

From what I’ve researched there is no way NOT to pay the Mexico Tourism Fee before flying. You have to request a refund after flying which sucks.

But from now on when I fly I have to remember to request my refund from Southwest through Twitter.

And sorry I pretty much fly Southwest only due to the free bags I get and their points structure. I can’t speak for any other airlines and their processes.

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