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Updated My Book: Leave That Life

Did a few updates to my book. Go get it now!
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Robbery in Mexico City

If you were wondering about the article from yesterday, I have been taking writing gigs and you will see an odd post here and there. Now back to scheduled writing…

I talk about one of my peeps who got robbed on Tuesday, how safe it REALLY is in Mexico City, safety in the United States, and how safe I feel in Mexico City in my podcast HERE. I love Mexico City and this is my home now, especially since I’m a Permanent Resident. I will not be leaving anytime soon.

I have my first interview in Mexico City on Monday! I figured I’ll go experience that here since I don’t work here and then tell everyone about how the process goes. Plus I just received my Permanent Residency in March so couldn’t work unless I got sponsored anyway. It’s for a tech company so this should be interesting. Stay tuned…
Read my book and move abroad today:
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Langham Hotel Beijing

I stayed at the Langham Hotel in Beijing which is right next to the airport when I arrived from my 12 hour flight from San Francisco. It was ridiculously nice and you would never get that in the US for what you pay. Thanks to Expedia I paid $131.76 with a $25.00 off coupon. Regular price was $156.76. I didn’t add on the breakfast and definitely should have so instead I paid an extra 193 yuan (about $29) at check in.

There was a person to help me carry my luggage upstairs. I also wigged out about their key card system as I had never seen it before. You stick your card into the wall and it turns everything on. I’m wondering why the guy was asking for my key card and removed it out of the wall. Of course nothing worked in the room until 10 minutes later when I figured out the key card HAS to stay in the wall.

I immediately went to go take a shower after figuring out the room system. The bathroom was simple yet elegant. I did find a stray hair on the bathroom wall though. The shower was nice and hot which is always a good thing. I didn’t even think to turn on the TV to see what was showing as I’m not a TV person.

The bed was very comfortable and more so for Chinese standards as their beds are hard as bricks. The internet connection was decent but nothing quick and speedy like back in the US. I tried my hardest to stay up until 9pm China time but made it until 8:30pm and knocked out. Woke back up around 1:30am and didn’t go back to sleep. Decided to get up and get dressed to head on the next leg of the trip.

Breakfast was too good. Lots of variety and American foods available. I decided on fruit, hash browns, and a big bowl of noodle soup that you can add whatever you like in it. The soup was delicious. I wish I could have another bowl as we speak.

Overall I give the hotel a 10/10. It was a very pleasant experience.


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