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Airbnb in Cancun

I’m going to break up my posts about Cancun…and sorry for not writing right away as the trip made me sick.

I flew in a day earlier than my family. The flight’s price difference was huge for whatever reason. I arrived in Cancun around 5:30pm. My Airbnb host picked me up and had the nerve to charge me $200 pesos for the pleasure. I should have just used Uber but he didn’t tell me until I got there that he was charging me. I only gave him $150 (yea I lied, sue me) because Uber would have been cheaper.

Got to the apartment and everything LOOKED nice. He explained the quirks of his property to me and I was fine with it. I was starving so walked down to the mall that was down the street to grab something to eat and come back before it got dark. Mission accomplished.

I get back to the place and settle in. I start feeling itchy as soon as I sit on the bed. Mosquitoes (or some other type of bug) is eating my ass alive! I hop in the shower and didn’t think to bring bug repellant as I don’t usually get bit. I thought maybe if I rubbed vaseline on me it would help. Wrong! I just got under the sheet as much as I can and went to bed that night.

I awoke to bites all over my face and arms. I messaged the Airbnb host and asked him to bring something over. Because he knows his place is infested with bugs. I had never used those burners you light to keep the bugs away. That would have been fine but considering my asthma and you have to re-light the thing every 10 minutes or so…that’s not a viable option. Also, the host was an ass about having to come bring me the burners. You know your house is infested with bugs! Take responsibility and already have something in your house available. He asked me why I didn’t go to the store to grab something…because I didn’t think your house would be infested that’s why, I’ve never had this problem before, and because I was hungry and it was almost dark when I arrived.

So it was time to leave because I couldn’t stay there. I started calling Airbnb around 11am and didn’t get my problem solved until around 5pm and after eight calls. Airbnb’s customer service is horrible and I’ll be filing a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and the Attorney General. They did not care one bit about my well being. When you call, you get a representative but supposedly they can do nothing to help you. You get a case manager that handles your case. My so called case manager never returned my calls. She did email me a few times asking for pictures of the bites and pictures of the mosquitoes as if I could take a picture of a mosquito. On the eighth call I got to a supervisor who finally refunded my money and gave me an extra $25 for transportation to a new place.

I cursed each and every representative out. They could care less about your well being. I’d hate for something REALLY BAD to happen. I’m also sure their customer service line is not open 24/7/365 either so don’t have something happen at 3am. I told each and every person I spoke to that I’m alone in a foreign country and have nowhere else to go…could they find me another place to stay? Silence. I even had one ask how was my stay so far? Like really!?! These people are mad.

I’m done with Airbnb for now. But sadly I’ll probably have to use them again one day. Airbnb can kiss my ass!

Oh and for those that have no idea what the Airbnb customer service number is: 415-800-5959

That shows what kind of company they are…no 800 number to call and they don’t even list a number on their website. DEATH TO AIRBNB!


Ok truth be told I haven’t done anything substantial out here because I left my portable charger back home or lost it. I’ve also been focusing on my Spanish classes, grieving, and working on my business. I can’t find a large enough charger to support my phone out here. Soon as I get back from going “home” next month I will be more out and about and doing things after school and weekends. I will also be moving into a more desirable area and location so I’m not far away from my school. I’ll be moving into a loft with a nice view and it’s right by a train station AND I have a washer. I can’t wait! I would post pics but somehow Airbnb corrupts the pics after downloading.

When I come back from visiting my family and picking up a “care package”…I will be visiting this place called Grutas Tolantongo. It looks like heaven and I’m here for it. I will be doing a food tour week after next. Can’t really leave the city yet because of my phone situation and I need Uber! lol

I can’t believe next weekend is Christmas! I’ll be sitting at home and make sure I have food stocked up so I don’t have to starve. Wonder if I can find a turkey? Lol I’m trying to figure out do I want to do Lucha Libre or tequila tasting next weekend. I’m leaning towards getting my drink on so I’ll probably save the Lucha Libre experience for another day.

Going to weigh myself when I get back “home” all this good eating I think I put on some weight but my arms will never get right. They’ll stay bony forever. I haven’t been exercising like I should but I do walk a lot. I’ve found yoga places and when I get to my new neighborhood I’m sure there will be plenty of things I can try out and work on my spanish.

I’ve been looking for an art class because I’ve been saying for YEARS I want to take one. This is the best time to work on my spanish and take either a painting, sculpture, or ceramics class here. I posted my question in a group but didn’t get too many answers…blah. I’m going to also look into cooking classes as I want to try new things.

I have two weeks left of my spanish class at my language school. I wish I had did my research a little more before coming as I could have studied at a university here for cheaper and been more engulfed in the culture. But it’s ok I’m still learning and I didn’t need to stress myself out too much anyway. The classes at the university start in January but I’ll have to see because I’ll be gone for a few days back home.

I’m going back home in January for my nephew’s birthday, take care of some business, and get some things that I must have here. They use real sugar and I want that processed crap. The real sugar tastes like poison to me! I love oatmeal too much.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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