Been a minute…I’ve been trying to run my business and get everything situated for that. I go back “home” on Saturday to visit my nephew for his birthday and to pick up a few things I desire. Also to handle a few things for my business.

Went to the Radisson Hotel here in Mexico City to get a reflexology session, massage, facial, and sauna treatment. They didn’t have a pool or jacuzzi so I don’t know what kind of “spa” they have. I wanted to sit out by the pool and chill for a few hours. I did enjoy my massage and facial though. I need to get back to getting those every week like I did in the states. I wish the lady didn’t work at a hotel as she was great. Looking for cheap, cheap and good. I’ll be on the hunt when I move into my new apartment next week.

I had “breakfast” which was lunch time because I didn’t eat before I left as I was rushed. I had a bean soup, steak, rice, and vegetables. $13.50+tip. It was delicious.

I also visited the local Walmart in my area. It looked old and small. I’m going to visit another in the area to compare. Found a few things I need in it though. I’m so used to gigantic stores back home…these stores are like a Circle K in comparison.

I sat here all morning trying to plan out a trip to Cancun when I come back but I realized I haven’t even explored Mexico City! I have a food and market tour for Friday I’m going to do. I’ve also learned I need to print out my vouchers. I’m so used handing over my phone for tickets so I need to get a printer as soon as I get back.

I’ve been cooped up in my apartment trying to get my business together among other things in my life. I’m hoping this time I don’t feel sick. I’ve been having terrible migraines lately.