I have a long, terrible story to talk about but I’ll do it tomorrow when I’ve calmed down and post a YT video about it.

Anyhoo I went to Six Flags yesterday and did the Dolphin Discovery. I almost froze to death with flashbacks of living in Boston but I had so much fun! Of course my nutty self went at 4pm with a start of around 5pm so the sun was going down and it was getting cold outside. I made sure I brought my bathing suit and a pair of shorts to wear. I was able to swim with the dolphin and touch it.

The dolphin pooped in the pool. It looked like pulp but bright orange. Dolphins also shed their skin every two hours. So I had dolphin poop and skin in every crevice I’m 100% sure of. After I learned that I was ready to go!

The cost was $67 that came with a CD. I’m unable to post my professional pics because I left my CD drive back in Houston….they’re too cheap to give USBs. These are pics that someone else took of me. The average price of doing something back in the states is at least $300…so such a steal out here. The entrance price to Six Flags was $29.

The dolphin trainer asked where I was from…I hesitated and said the US. He said don’t be ashamed we like you. Then he joked that Trump was going to make them build the wall.

Rode some basic rides as I have disabilities and that was it.

I’m also working on another business idea out here. #ILOVEMEXICO