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I’m loving Mexico more and more each day. I was on the hunt for salad dressing with no luck. Checked Google Maps and supposedly there was a “raw foods” store down the street from my apartment. I decided to walk there and check it out. Now either they do not exist anymore or they were closed at 3pm on a Saturday. I was heated as I really wanted to eat my salad! It started to rain and I had to go back home before I got soaked. I did find a dog groomer, vet, and mani pedi place so it was all good.

Next day decided to go to the mall as they have a store like Walmart there with food and household products. Ubered there and was pleasantly surprised when the man opened the door for me and helped me out. This is not the first time. The men here are so attentive and polite. I seriously need to up my Spanish to two hours per day. I found my salad dressing and was happy! I had tried two different versions of caesar salad dressing and they both were disgusting. Which sucks because caesar salad dressing is not easy to make. I am in love with this blackberry dressing here I found here at a market. That is my go to salad dressing now.

I need to quit making you all promises I cannot keep! I sit around all day doing things then next thing I know its’ 5pm and too late to go anywhere. I seriously need to get on a schedule. Tomorrow. Anthroplogy Museum. Promise.

Her are pictures of the Parque Delta mall here in Mexico City, I want to get that swim suit lol: