So I stayed up all night chatting on Facebook and doing who knows what else (it escapes my brain now lol). SO I didn’t make my tour. It’s been a while since I’ve been up that late…actually felt good because usually I’m in the bed before 11.

Update on the Haitian guy…he never hit me back on Facebook so I never went to lunch/dinner with him. His loss…me, I’m not passing up a free meal AND possibly the chance to make a new friend. Oh well money stays in my pocket.

I want to go out and explore today but it’s Sunday and I don’t believe much is open. I could really go for a massage or mani-pedi.

Yesterday I just went to the store to grab ALOT of items for $26. All that would have cost me at least $50-75 in Amerikkka. I’m loving it. I’m going out to eat again though.

I went to my regular restaurant and ordered sopa (soup) and a hot dog. My hot dog was delicious (see pics) but they waited 15 minutes to tell me they didn’t have sopa! I was pissed! I’ve learned from someone online that I must tip so I shall start doing that. I really like that restaurant since it’s up the street from my apartamento (apartment). I shall try again next time.

This morning I tried to shop on and see if I could get what I wanted shipped to a locker. No bueno…imported items cannot be shipped to a locker which makes NO sense because everything damn near is an import…sigh. My host told me good luck on getting anything shipped to my apartament. I’m going to buy some cheap towels that I need to see what the process is like and see if they can get it to me. I have two gates to go through just get to my apartment. Unless Amazon has personal delivery men like back in the States then I don’t see how this will work. EVERYONE has locked gates and you would have to call to get someone to come down.

I start classes tomorrow! I’m SO excited! I’m going to feel like a child again learning colors, numbers, how to say the alphabet…I definitely need to work on my numbers…I actually forgot how to count to 10 lol.

I WILL go touring next week. I want to go on a foodie tour and try out different foods and become familiar with them so I won’t mess up again and actually know what I’m reading on a menu. The tour got rave reviews and said it should cost WAY more than what you’re paying. I cannot wait!