I decided I would try for my visa again but this time in New Orleans. With all the crazy things the president has going on I want to get it sooner rather than later. The New Orleans consulate has some of the easiest minimum monthly income requirements to fill. Plus I don’t need an appointment and can get my visa the same day. The consulate also came highly recommended by the Facebook group I’m in. They better not act silly like Houston.

This will be my first time in New Orleans. I need to figure out what they have to do out there. I can’t wait and I’m excited.

I registered for Spanish classes at a university here. I figured it would be better for me to be around and get to know other spanish speakers. I will also have access to all the university services (pool, gym, library). My classes start in two weeks and I’m excited.

My friend is coming down next weekend so I’ll have more stories to tell on what’s happening in Mexico. We have a lot of things planned so stay tuned.