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My First Mexican Festival

Yes, yes I know I should have been at a festival but I’m going now! I found a free walking tour on and joined a few friendly people. I had alot of fun. The festival had food, music, performances, and merchants selling handcrafted items. The festival was called “Son para Milo”. I just walked around and explored the festival. I bought my sister a beautiful necklace and got me some all natural toothpaste. I was offered different moles, drinks, and sweets. I tasted sorbete for the first time. I believe it was horchata flavor and was very delicious. I was shocked to find marijuana concoctions! I also saw fried crickets. I wasn’t ready to try them just yet. I stayed about an hour as a got lost from the group and took the bus back home. The bus ride had about 10 stops and cost me 4 pesos.

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  1. Very inspirational woman…

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