Hey Ya’ll! Sorry I’ve been quiet after Christmas. I’ve been getting much needed work done…dealing with my parent’s stuff, my stuff, working on my future business, plotting, and planning. Guess I was a little depressed too as I threw myself into my work and haven’t thought about my mother for a few days. Had a mini break down. I can’t wait to see my Dad, sister, and nephew next month. I also get to move into my new apartment and I found out I can bring my dog with me! I’ve missed his ugly butt so much but he’s going to stay with my sister a little longer until I get 100% settled out here.

So going back in time. Saturday I tried to go to the Tequila Museum and got denied entry. It clearly says on the ticket I don’t have to print it. I should have known…this is Mexico. I’m not pressed to buy a printer until I come back next month. Going back and forth with the two women that were there using Google Translate was a chore. I said the hell with it and went back home. Obviously it wasn’t meant to be. Positive thing is I got a fruit cup and I saw another part of town so not everything was lost.

Funny that everything I have planned here hasn’t panned out! I’m going to Lucha Libre tomorrow so I will write about that when I come back.

I’m looking into private online Spanish lessons. When I start my business I won’t have time to go in person or maybe I will who knows but right now online lessons are WAY more efficient or maybe not with my sucky internet connection. I need to message my host and ask him will I have access to the wifi box as I will definitely do ethernet connection with a long cord.

My mission today is to go to Walmart and see what they have there. I want a mattress topper for my bed and I’ve been procrastinating heavy on that.

For New Year’s I have nothing planned right now. Supposed to meet a guy that I met on Facebook for the first time. He’s pretty much my only contact out here right now.