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Mexico Country Sponsored Health Insurance

So I finally went last week to obtain my country sponsored health insurance. I went to a clinic that I found online. You can find a list of places where you can obtain an application and get registered on the spot. The people there were SO HELPFUL and PATIENT as usual. The lady I met actually spoke English so I didn’t have a hard time getting what I needed.

She explained the program to me in depth and told me where I could go to the hospital and the different clinics.

I was given a book to explain what I can and can’t do along with different locations around the city.

I was also given a paper that I need to get laminated that proves I have health insurance. They don’t give cards here.

I had to show proof of residence (internet bill), bring my resident card, passport and that was it.

Mexico City also has their own insurance which I need to go get. Next step will be to go get established with a general doctor and get a check up. Have no idea when that will be but stay tuned…

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