So after a VERY quick thought lol and a little research on a Spanish school…I’ve settled on Mexico City. I probably should have went with Mexico in the first place and I wouldn’t be waiting on almost $550 to fall back into my lap.

I chose Mexico since it’s closer to “home” and it only takes me 2 hours to get there from home. Just in case my Dad needs me or something. My mother is probably rolling in her grave…but like I told her You Only Live Once. And after seeing my mother that way I’m MORE inclined and willing to explore the world.

So Mexico City it is I hope for 6 months. If I really enjoy it I can apply for a residence visa easy enough with a drop in the bucket amount of monthly income. I could do surveys everyday and make what they’re asking for lol.

I plan to finish my master’s degree in accounting, get a CFE certification, see if I can get a job either teaching/tutoring online or while I’m in Mexico, mourning (the most important), read, start my business, and explore Mexico more, maybe venture into another country see what they have to offer.

Anyhoo…I got to the airport 2.5 hours early now I’m sitting here writing to you. Get to the airport early they said…but you can never be sure with Houston’s traffic either. I’ll give it up to the check in lady though she waited patiently while I took things out of my luggage and she STILL gave me a 1.5lb lead way.