Yesterday was a disaster. I left my father’s home about 10:45am. I flew out of Houston Hobby airport even though Bush is much closer. Between using my points and luggage fees, paying the taxes ($30) and taking Lyft ($45) to the airport, flying out of Hobby is much cheaper.

I get to the airport earlier than I usually do because supposedly there was going to be extra screening for those flying to Mexico…no such thing. Found my gate and sat for about an hour until boarding time. Got on the plane just fine, but now we’re waiting for 10 people coming from a connecting flight. When did they start holding flights for people!!? We waited an hour and 10 minutes before we took off! I was beyond mad and didn’t buy any food in the airport because it’s only a 1.5 hour flight.

Get off the plane and head to customs. Customs was LONG. I usually get off the plane and it takes less than 5 minutes to get through. Not this time…everyone was flying into Mexico City. I saw Paris, Madrid, Tokyo on the luggage claim monitors. I will never fly on a Monday again that’s for sure.

By this time I’m starving, tired, sore, and frustrated. Plus it had started to rain…rainy season sucks sometimes. I headed straight from the airport to get my dog from the dog sitter. Pick him up with my huge luggage and thankful for the sitter helping me get everything in Uber again. But I’m even madder now because my dog got an eye infection and they didn’t take him to the Vet! They didn’t even tell me his eye was all green and nasty. I’ve been gone for two weeks! I could have sent them some money to take care of it. I don’t know if I’ll be using them again after this.

I finally arrive home around 6:30pm. I’m exhausted and decide to take a nap, but didn’t wake up until the next day. Again, I will not be flying out on a Monday ever again.