I met another person that lives in Mexico this past weekend. I had Nigerian food for the first time and I didn’t like it. I tried 3 different things. I ended up having a delicious hot dog for dinner. We tried to go salsa dancing but no one thought having a club on top of apartments was not smart. So we ended up going to another club down the street from my house which was dead. We ordered rum and coke and nachos. I’m such a lightweight but the drink did nothing for me. I’m wondering if they added a dash for taste. The other person we had to ask for a glass as they just brought her two shots and a bottle of coke. The nachos I’m thinking to myself should just have nacho cheese and maybe jalapenos on them. NO it had nacho cheese and ketchup on it. I was so disgusted. We ended up just talking a few hours then calling it a night. Glad I met someone new out here to share my pain lol.

I didn’t go get my visa in New Orleans today as they had tornadoes run through and tear up the city. So I’ve postponed my trip until the next time Southwest has a sale so I can get the cheapest flight possible. I was SO looking forward to eating alligator too. Thank goodness I was able to cancel my hotel and flight easily.

I also have something very big on the horizon and should be complete by this weekend. Stay tuned!