As you can see, I have changed my website and made it more “me” focused. I have ads, pop ups…please click on them…I have to make money! 🤑 You will also see more articles that have nothing to do with Mexico. I get paid for those…so you’ll have to deal.🤐

I fixed the sign up link to subscribe to my blog. Had no idea the subscription system was broken as it should work…I pay for it! I had to totally revamp that. I have switched all my subscribers over to the new system. You can sign up below. You can also click on the bell on the side of the page and subscribe to alerts in your browser if you don’t want to receive emails.

You can now get in contact with me if you want to work with me.

Send me money or bitcoin if you love me and what I do.😜🤑

And last but not least, my nonprofit’s web site Undefeatable Foundation will launch hopefully today or tomorrow. I’m just waiting on my official logo and I need to take a better photo of myself to put on the web site. Here’s the future logo…what do you think?
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