I have to say I LOVE inspiring others to look inside themselves and know ANYTHING can be done. I appreciate everyone that has supported me on my journey. Someone asked me the other day was I scared to move to Mexico. I told her, “No.” I quit being scared of “life” a long time ago. I am a firm believer of what’s meant to be will be. I love to say you only live once and nothing is promised. Also, life is too short to mess around. I cherish every minute of my life. There will always be good days and bad days but hopefully more good days than bad.

I am glad to support you on your journey to greatness and living a stress free life. You can contact me on my Move Abroad page, find out more information with my book or course too.

To add I’ll be offline so to speak as I’ll be in DC for the next few days and then I’ll be going home to visit family after that. I will post stimulating things when I have a moment of inspiration. And I’ll definitely document my DC trip. They denied my White House tour which I am SO mad about as I did not get to see it the last time I was in DC. Oh well such is life I just better get to see the African American museum which is my whole reason on going. If anyone is in DC let me know and we can grab a drink!

I’ll be buying “drugs” for my friend. They want some weight loss pills and my father wants allergy medicine. So I’ll be sure to come back and write about the cost comparison to the US and the process. I’ll also be going to get my first mani/pedi here as I can’t be in DC looking ugly.

Stay tuned…as always…