Touched down safely in Cancun flying on VivaAerobus around 5pm yesterday.

VivaAerobus is a low cost carrier here in Mexico with no frills and NO SPACE (see picture below). Since it was a domestic flight within Mexico, I did not have to go to the counter. Just take my ticket and go straight through security.

Mexico City’s airport is a mess. I usually fly out through Southwest and so it’s so simple to navigate. I went through the door that said Nacionales which means domestic flights in my mind but that wasn’t true. I asked Information where I should go and they had no clue. So I walked up to the VivaAerobus representative and he told me puerta six so I’m like ok that means nothing to me. Walked back and forth looking for security again and found nothing. Went back to the VivaAerobus representative and it was finally explained in depth where I needed to go. I got confused because the security entrance has Interjet plastered all over it so I thought that was Interjet’s check in counter. After a hot walk with no A/C I was about to sweat to death and made it to the line. I know where to go and what to do now for VivaAerobus!

Got past security which was easy enough. Just take out your electronics and put them through the scanner. I didn’t bring any liquids so have no idea what to do with those (read below). I just brought everything in my Witzman Men’s Vintage Canvas Duffel Shoulder Backpack Travel A2020 which I love! The other side was confusing too. They have an upstairs part to get food then you go back downstairs to catch your flight. Again flying through Southwest was much easier!

I grabbed a Burrito Bowl from Chili’s which was edible, sat, and waited for my flight. VivaAerobus has four groups to board and I was in group 2. No one can form a line correctly so I believe I ended up in Group 4. Didn’t matter as there are assigned seats and even if there was no more luggage space I could put my backpack under the seat if I needed to. I sat in the middle seat which I hate but I wasn’t paying extra for a window or aisle seat for a two hour flight.

Clouds started rolling in before I left because it’s rainy season in Mexico right now. So take off was a little bumpy. Landing was also bumpy due to clouds in Cancun. The flight has been the noisiest I’ve ever been on but I still managed to get sleep. You will not get a free snack or drink on this low cost carrier so bring your own!

Cancun reminds me of Hawaii. Very green and beautiful. This is a total opposite of dry Mexico City. My AirBnB host picked me up (and not for free I may add) and took me to the apartment. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be staying here as mosquitoes are eating my ass up! I told him to bring me something to kill them. He says he’ll be here at 10:30am. Otherwise I can’t stay here any longer and will be moving. He knows damn well he needs to keep something here to kill them! I have about 20 different bite marks on me from last night and this morning. Other than that the area has an outlet mall, Home Depot, and a store right around the corner from me. The beach is about 4km away from here.

My family will be here soon! And I can’t wait to meet up with them. Stay tuned…

Found this information on the website about liquids: “3.- Limitations on liquids, gels, creams and sprays on carry-on luggage: Make sure that liquids, gels, creams and sprays on your carry-on luggage are on containers of a maximum of 100 ml and placed on a plastic transparent bag. If these are over 100 ml, they should be transported on your checked-in luggage.