Finally went to a Lucha Libre show last night and had so much fun. Lucha Libre is just like WWE in that it’s so dramatized and fake. The Mexican people were really into it too which was so funny. I wonder if they have favorite people like back in the states. I remember when The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and whoever else was famous back in the day. I used to love watching WWF as a kid.

I bought the tickets on Ticketmaster’s Mexico web site and picked them up at will call. That will be the last time I buy direct off of Ticketmaster as the people at will call took my card and made a carbon copy of it. Now I’m checking my bank account every hour to see if anything might be missing. From now on I’ll just buy the tickets when I get there. I also brought my backpack and had PF Chang’s and water in there and the security woman made me throw it out. I was pissed!

The tickets came to $82.50 a piece. According to my bank account, I paid $4.40 for a ticket with the exchange rate. You can definitely make this a family night out with the kids. Next time I’d sit on the floor so I can see better and not be behind a cage blocking my view.

Next up is a food and market tour tomorrow!