Uneventful day yesterday. Just a real chill and relaxing day. Spent the day with a visitor to Mexico City just talking and relaxing at the hotel pool. We were at the Krystal Grand Reforma Uno Mexico City. The hotel is very nice, but expensive for Mexico City standards. It goes for $70+ per night.

We swam a little bit, talked for hours, and then went to the hotel restaurant to eat and have drinks. The Sonora Grill there is really nice. The waiters are very attentive and courteous. The whole vibe is nice and on a Friday and Saturday night it’s packed and active. The hotel rooms are clean and have wonderful views. The woman I was with stayed on the 19th floor and the views were gorgeous. I highly recommend staying in this hotel if it’s in your budget.

I’ll be going home next month to the see the family, take care of business, and grab my fluff mutt. I can’t wait to get him back. Now how is he going to survive in a concrete jungle I don’t know but we’ll make it work.