Totally forgot about writing a post on my experience in getting the internet here!

Everyone shares the internet here in Mexico. The first apartment I moved to the router was all the way downstairs in another apartment! Internet speed was doable but shaky sometimes too. The apartment I live in now everyone shares too. I had to keep complaining to the landlord about the crappy internet. He finally installed a new router and it works when it wants to. The router is behind a metal door and I also have a metal door on my apartment so the signal is shaky sometimes. Someone I know told me I could go down there and get my own internet. So that’s what I did!

Telmex advertises EVERYWHERE that they have the fastest internet in Mexico City and it’s fiber optic. So last month I walked to the Telmex building and signed up. Very easy process. You must take your passport for identification. They signed me up and said wait for installation. Um ok BUT WHEN!?!? The installation guy came 5 days later. Good thing I was home.

Good ol trusty Google Translate helped me out when talking to him. He drilled a hole in my apartment! Now I’m trying to figure out how I will explain that to my Landlord when I move. He could have put the wire under the door since the door does not touch the ground. But it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission right?

My internet is so fast! Faster than anything I ever had in the states. I got the 100mbps package and average about 70-75mbps on a good day. I pay 917 pesos which is about $53 with the current exchange rate. The Internet is expensive here compared to the cost of living. They have internet that supposedly goes up to 200mbps.

So to recap…it’s easy to get internet here in Mexico. Just need your passport and wait around for a few days for the installation person to arrive at your front door. You can also put in an order online and wait instead of going to the office. But, I have learned it’s better to do things in person here.

You can find more information about Telmex HERE