FINALLY walked over to the gym the other day to see what they offer. Price is $595 pesos ($31) a month, or you can do quarterly or yearly for a little cheaper. Price includes unlimited classes, training, and access to any part of the gym.

I’ve been having pain in my back right tooth. I know these resin fillings never last long for me. I’ve begged for silver but no one wants to put them in my head. I received a recommendation from a woman I met and went there. Very nice people and the dentist spoke great english. Cost for the consultation $200 and x-rays $200. Bacteria from my filling being half missing has caused inflamation and I need a laser treatment for $10,000 pesos and I have to get the fillings replaced for another $1,200 each (3 fillings), and then he said I should get an occlusal guard for another $1,500. Total price $794 dollars. Pricing in the states for all this work is thousands of dollars.

I go back tomorrow to start my dental work. Wish me luck and no pain!