Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. After the LOOOONG trip, I needed a few days to recuperate. I am now your go to person if you want to plan a successful trip to Grutas Tolantongo! Here goes the story:

So I met up with the fellow traveler. She was my first couch surfer. Everything was fine and I enjoyed her company but that will be the first and last couch surfer I will ever have. It’s just not for me.

We mapped out how to get to Grutas Tolantongo the night before. We needed to take two buses to get there. The attraction’s website is SO misleading with a 3.5 hour trip which is actually a 6-7 hour trip. There are also no reservations for the hotels on site. We ended up having to camp in a tent overnight. I froze my ass off! Everything is provided for you: tent, blanket, and pad to sleep on. They also come and set up the tent for you and take it down.

The whole trip was beyond stressful. We left around 12:30pm to Uber to the bus station. The bus left at 1:30pm and we did not get there, set up, and “relaxed” until 7:30pm. The attractions closed at 8:30pm. So the first day we didn’t have time to do anything. Not that we would anyway after the long, stressful day that we had.

The next day more people started to come and woke us up at 6am. I did not get much sleep as I was cold and with my crippled body I tossed and turned all night. We got up and dipped in the water for about an hour and that was it. We were too tired to do anything else. There are caves and small pools but you have to hike up a huge mountain and we just weren’t up to it. IF I go back I need to spend at least three days there. But again there are no prior reservations that can be made so if there were no rooms, it would be 3 days on the ground again. Plus I’d have to pack a sleeping bag as one blanket is not enough.

This was also my first time camping. It wasn’t too bad. If I had a thicker mat for my raggedy hips and a sleeping bag, I would have enjoyed it better. Camping is actually fun with the right gear and people. I could see myself doing that in the future to be cheap. But I was literally scared all night. We brought our computers and everything. I was pissed as that could have lightened my load a little bit.

We didn’t take ANY pictures of the place because we didn’t do anything special. The ride there is beautiful though with lots of mountains and greenery in the background. I posted the few I did take. If you want a good idea of what Grutas Tolantongo looks like I suggest going to their website. It is accurate.

The food was cheap considering it is a major attraction. No US prices there where a bottle of water costs $10. The food was really good too so no complaints there. There are many places to eat at there. I had steak, rice, and beans for lunch and it was to die for.

My couch surfer ended up also losing her passport and had to get a new one today. The good thing is if I ever lose mine or know a visitor that loses theirs I know the process. You can easily get a new passport for free and on the same day here in Mexico City.

Sad thing is I was planning on giving tours to this beautiful place but I would have to see if people were willing to sleep in tents if no hotel rooms were available when we arrived. I don’t know enough Spanish to possibly strike up a deal with the owner but that also could be a route I could pursue.

All in all, I spent about $77 for the two days. Where can you spend $77 on a two day vacation? Mexico! If I had gone by myself I had planned to stay three days to explore leisurely and enjoy my time there. But I am now your go to person if you want to plan a successful trip to Grutas Tolantongo!