The website had been acting funny and I basically had to delete ALL my pictures and reupload them. I don’t know what happened. It’s fixed now though and took me two days to fix.

I finally went on the the food tour I had been saying for months I’m going on. I went on Monday. I don’t think it was worth the $39 I paid for it. I would have paid $20 for it. But it did give me good knowledge on two of markets near me and easily accessible by the train.

One market has potions and voodoo dolls in it along with animals for sale. The animals were in cages and most didn’t look healthy. I wish I could have taken a few home with me. The other market is massive and has tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The flower section is open 24/7/365 in case someone passes away. They had the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen with exotic colors.

I tried a tamale for the first time. Yeah, yeah don’t get on me. I’ve just never been interested in trying one. I had a really tasty one that was sweet with rice. I also had a rice drink with pieces of rice that was delicious and filling. I got to also try different types of mole. I’m in love with chocolate mole now. It’s really flavorful.

I tried a fruit I’ve never seen or heard of before called a Mamey Sapote. I didn’t like it. Reminded me of a papaya but I could definitely add it to my smoothies just like I do papayas. It would have to grow on me like papayas did. We also walked around and viewed art inside and outside some of the buildings. The tour guide took us to Templo Mayor which is a place where they’re excavating an underground city.

Templo Mayor (meaning Great Temple) is an Aztec temple recently discovered in the heart of modern Mexico City. It was built in the 14th century in honor of the Aztec god of war and god of water.

The last part of the tour was lunch. I tried a cactus dish which was delicious, pork tacos, and a vegetarian dish made out of mushrooms which was very delicious. After doing more research on the “fungus” called Cuitlacoche, I found out that the mushrooms grow on corn that has gotten a little damp. The corn begins to go bad and the mushrooms continue to grow. The mushrooms are considered a delicacy out here in Mexico and farmers hunt for them during the rainy season. When cooked, cuitlacoche turns into a tar-like mush that is usually used in quesadillas. Cuitlacoche is usually prepared with the Mexican herb epazote, onion, and chili pepper. See the pics below on what the corn looks like when the mushrooms start to grow and take over the corn.

All in all the tour was informative for the purposes of me finding the markets in the area. I also asked about the market where they sell handcrafted items. I’ll be visiting that place either tomorrow or Monday. I wasted two days fixing my web site and my brain is tired.