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Went out and met up with a lifeline yesterday. He’s been living in Mexico City for almost 18 years. He’s so sweet and kind. He told me don’t hesitate to call him if I need anything and don’t isolate myself. He did not have the support system that I have when he first arrived. We’re going to go to Lucha Libre next weekend and have a blast. He took me around the Condesa area of his neighborhood and showed me around. There’s a really beautiful park in his neighborhood with a pond. He took me to grab breakfast, got me some fruit, and gave me shea butter. He also gave me a Spanish book that he told me to use as that’s how he learned Spanish.

I’ve been practicing my Spanish a few times throughout the day using Coffee Break Spanish. I’m doing a lesson a week repeatedly to get it in my brain and down pact. I really love the simpleness of it. I’m learning a lot and I highly recommend it to those wanting to learn.

I spent all day reformatting my book because it sucked before. I also have printed copies available on Amazon for those that don’t do e-books. My book will be available for a Kindle Countdown Deal starting tomorrow. Wish me luck! I hope to get a lot of sales and reviews.

Other than that I’m going to start making videos on the differences and similarities between Mexico and the states. I’m slacking on my videos and taking about Mexico in general.

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This is my favorite candy in Mexico so far. Try it!

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  1. Would love to go!

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