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Robbery in Mexico City

If you were wondering about the article from yesterday, I have been taking writing gigs and you will see an odd post here and there. Now back to scheduled writing…

I talk about one of my peeps who got robbed on Tuesday, how safe it REALLY is in Mexico City, safety in the United States, and how safe I feel in Mexico City in my podcast HERE. I love Mexico City and this is my home now, especially since I’m a Permanent Resident. I will not be leaving anytime soon.

I have my first interview in Mexico City on Monday! I figured I’ll go experience that here since I don’t work here and then tell everyone about how the process goes. Plus I just received my Permanent Residency in March so couldn’t work unless I got sponsored anyway. It’s for a tech company so this should be interesting. Stay tuned…
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Started a Podcast

I should have started a podcast when I first moved to China but now I am. I can’t keep up with all the stories and information I have on my blog of course or I’d be posting 10 times a day…especially with my crazy stories. That’s where the podcast comes in. Plus it’s easier to speak instead of typing out everything all the time. I’ll have to perfect the craft but I’ll get there.

I am on iTunes and Google Play and soon to be on Spotify.

So far I have: introduction, why I’m in Mexico, and opening a bank account. If there are any topics you want me to speak on, let me know.

UPDATE: I just got added to iHeartRadio too.

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Mexico Tourism Tax Refund for Certain People

If you are Mexican, a resident, or just passing through Mexico instead of staying, you don’t have to pay the Mexico Tourism fee when you fly. As of now, that is $28.63 one way…which is almost a week of groceries for me! I asked for a refund from Southwest on Twitter on 3/2 with just my resident visa instead of my physical resident card. Had no idea if they would give me my money back or not but my fingers were crossed and I was patient. I looked in my bank account this morning and the money was back in my account as of yesterday 3/25. So it took them three weeks to get it back to me. I’m not complaining! They did short me 60 cents though, I received $28.03 back.

From what I’ve researched there is no way NOT to pay the Mexico Tourism Fee before flying. You have to request a refund after flying which sucks.

But from now on when I fly I have to remember to request my refund from Southwest through Twitter.

And sorry I pretty much fly Southwest only due to the free bags I get and their points structure. I can’t speak for any other airlines and their processes.

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