I leave for Cancun on Wednesday for a whole week! I rented a nice Airbnb for $85. I had a $50 off coupon for Airbnb. I will be meeting up with my family and meeting up with others that live in the Cancun area. I will also be meeting up with a realtor while there to see what I can do about buying a house somewhere. I can put this rent money towards something of worth. So stay tuned for the updates on that!

I totally forgot to write about my experience getting internet in my apartment. I will save that for tomorrow.

Dating! I THINK I will get back into dating. I haven’t dated since last year (ok I went on one while I was in Houston a few weeks ago I’m not even going to re-tell the story…it was THAT bad). I’ve been dealing with my mother’s death and still don’t know if I’m ready but I want to see what’s out there and I know you do too! lol

I really have nothing else for you as I’ve been dealing with graduate school, learning spanish, this crazy dog of mine and trying to make him comfortable, and working on business stuff. I will definitely write a post on how to get the internet here in Mexico and of course I’ll try to do daily updates about Cancun.

Stay tuned!