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Bull fighting and I love T-mobile

I bought tickets off of Ticketmaster to bull fighting! I was on there searching┬áthinking they might have something interesting to do or someone famous coming to concert here when I stumbled upon bull fighting. I’m so excited as I’ve always wanted to see it up, close, and personal. It’s this Sunday and I’ll be sure to post all about it.

I’m in love with T-mobile! I just learned that I can keep my T-mobile plan forever. I’m on a grandfathered plan that includes 4gb of fast data then after that my data slows down to 2g and of course unlimited texts and calling. I added free calling to the US and Canada from within Mexico for $10 more per month. I keep going back and forth on whether I want to switch to their new T-mobile One plan. When I was in the states my plan was more than enough especially with WIFI all around but here in Mexico the internet is so spotty I might switch over. I need consistent internet access for my business ventures. I’m currently paying about $35/month for my plan with 2 other people which also includes my sister’s work discount. If I move over to the new plan it would jump to $47/month all taxes and fees included and there is no 15% discount offered on this plan. Decisions…decisions…I have until February 13th to decide…that’s when my billing cycle restarts.

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  1. Good deal with T mobile. I have to investigate WIFI.
    Please post pics of the bull fighting

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