I bought my tickets off of Ticketmaster for $20 and had to go to will call to get them. I took Uber there and got dropped off in front the arena. I asked the police where I was supposed to go to get my tickets and he told me door number one. Thank goodness the will call line was not long at all. I used one card to buy my tickets and left it at home by accident. So I ended up having to purchase another ticket. They took an imprint of my card so I will NOT be using that card anymore. I actually will cancel it and have a new one sent to my address back in the states as I don’t trust anyone having an imprint of my card. I will supposedly get a refund from Ticketmaster for the first ticket I bought so we shall see.

The arena was outside, open, and was completely made of cement. They were selling cushions to sit on so your rock hard seat would be more comfortable. I asked for directions to my seat, found it, and sat down. A family came and told me that wasn’t my seat which I’m pretty sure it was but whatever. I found a MUCH better seat next to an ex bull fighter from Colombia. He was SO quick to ask for my number! He also gave me his number on a souvenir card with his picture on it (when he was younger). I took a picture with him (see below).

The bull fight was amazing! Definitely a once in a lifetime thing to do. I can’t say how I feel about the bull being stabbed to death. I’ve racked my brain to put something down but haven’t found the right words. Check out the videos I made below! Excuse all the people walking by and my dumb question of asking if the bull is dead.