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Started a Podcast

I should have started a podcast when I first moved to China but now I am. I can’t keep up with all the stories and information I have on my blog of course or I’d be posting 10 times a day…especially with my crazy stories. That’s where the podcast comes in. Plus it’s easier to speak instead of typing out…

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So mi amigo came to visit me and we explored a few spots in Mexico City. We went to a Lucha Libre show (Mexican wrestling), bull fight, and saw the Museum of Tolerance. I had so much fun. The bull fight was BRUTAL…worse than the first one I went to. I will post the videos whenever he decides to send…

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Undefeatable Foundation

So I’ve been working on a major project that I want to begin next year (2019). Of course, I don’t have all the details of how I’m going to do this but it’s going to get DONE! I’ll have more than a year to work on it and gain support. I filed my Nonprofit Corporation documents a few weeks ago…

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