Someone asked me this the other day and I seriously had to think about it. I’d like to think I play it safe but obviously, I do not. Not many people are willing to do what I have done in my life.

I moved away at 22 years old 3,000 miles away from everything I’ve ever known and that was familiar. Moving from Sacramento, California to Boston, Massachusetts changed my life. It made me realize I can do anything I put my mind to. If I can survive severe depression and anxiety from living there what can’t I do?

I have lived in Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Pasadena (Los Angeles), Tucson, AZ, Houston, TX, Mianyang, China, and now Mexico City, Mexico. Each city and the experiences I’ve had has made me more and more fearless.

Why do I think I like to play it safe? Because I do! You don’t know how many people have told me I have too many restrictions on my life and I even had one tell me I’m boring! I love being at home in peace and quiet with just my Lil Ugly next to me. But when I do go out, I treat myself and do it big.

For my loyal readers…what is stopping you from making that huge leap and leaving the country? I am planning to do a tour around the United States to talk about leaving. I want to hold a professional seminar with TONS of information and a HUGE question and answer session. In order to do that I’ll need your help and everyone else’s help that you know. I’ve set up a GoFundMe account to pay for my travel and hotel expenses. Check out the link below to donate.

Get Out of Amerikkka Tour