Torta Food Festival

I went to the Torta Food Festival yesterday instead of doing the cable cars. The cable cars will require a bit more planning as the start of them are 16 miles away. Also, the neighborhoods aren’t safe but you only live once so I’m going to go anyway! The Tortas Food Festival was so fun! It’s a small festival that…

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Rant & Rave: The Menstrual Cup

Public Service Announcement for Women Only I’m finding there are many women that have never heard of the menstrual cup! I find this sad as I love the menstrual cup and gave up on pads when I moved to Mexico. Why did I give up on pads? Every pad in Mexico (that I have found anyway) is scented! That is…

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Mexico, Travel

Mexico City Airport

Yesterday was a disaster. I left my father’s home about 10:45am. I flew out of Houston Hobby airport even though Bush is much closer. Between using my points and luggage fees, paying the taxes ($30) and taking Lyft ($45) to the airport, flying out of Hobby is much cheaper. I get to the airport earlier than I usually do because…

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