Teaching English Online

Everyone wonders how to make a living once they move to their new country. Teaching english is a great way to make a living with not much thought or effort. You work from home and may not even have a set schedule. Most of the time though you will be teaching Chinese students, so depending on where your new country is, the hours you work may be great or terrible.

I found this handy dandy resource of a list of online teaching gigs. I cannot vouch for any of them so if you don’t get paid don’t come running to me! LOL Please do your research and due diligence on these companies.

Here is the list!

Chicken in Mexico

Yesterday I promised you I would do a video on the raw chicken here in Mexico City and how it compares to US chicken. I cooked the chicken in my slow cooker/pressure cooker. I made chicken fajitas and pressure cooked it for 90 minutes.

The chicken here in Mexico is different. It’s more of a light tan color and the breasts are not as big…a good two or three sizes smaller. It’s also nowhere near as fatty as the chicken in the US. Take a look at the video below…