5 Things I Hate About Mexico City

1. Noise. With a city of over 25 million people you’re bound to hear SOMETHING! In my first apartment I heard fireworks all day long. You would swear I was in a war zone as they sounded like missiles! My neighborhood threw a party one time and it started at 11pm and went to the NEXT DAY around 8pm. Good thing I can sleep through anything if I’m tired enough. My neighborhood is “quiet”. I hear traffic noise from around 8am to 9pm at night, but I love it here. My neighborhood is so nice and has everything I need.

2. Driving. Aw the perks of living in a big city. There is no real structure to driving out here. Anything goes! They drive stick shifts so a ride is bumpy automatically. I keep telling myself I’m going to ride the train and bus more, but Uber is so convenient and cheap. I can’t give it up. Plus I swear I can’t breathe on the subway for whatever reason or it’s my anxiety kicking in.

3. Roads. Alot of the roads here are in disarray. There are bumpy and does not feel good driving over them. Alot of streets have humps to drive over too which makes riding in a small car unbearable. I’d imagine cars need alot of alignments out here.

4. Cars. Everyone drives a stick shift out here. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I know if I was to rent a car I would be able to get automatic. But I think I should learn how to drive a stick sooner rather than later. I appreciate that most people drive small cars and not gas guzzlers to help with traffic and pollution.

5. Prices. Some things I can get for cheap back home is expensive here and vice versa so it’s all relative. I’m not a consumer anymore so it doesn’t bother me much. But my apple cider vinegar and aloe juice is expensive out here. I want to bring back bottles of both when I go back home.

10 Things I Love About Mexico City

1.) The prices. If you can make dollars and turn them into pesos the sky is the limit! I went out yesterday with a fellow traveler that came into town to explore Mexico City. I got two delicious hot dogs for $1.32, a large smoothie with fresh squeezed juice and fresh fruit for $2.37, a shot of liquor for $2.37, and another very large mixed alcoholic beverage for $4.68. I’ll write another post on what food costs out here once I head to the grocery store.

2.) The people. Everyone here is so polite and considerate. Except when they’re driving! I have been met with nothing but kindness here.

3.) The weather. It’s always sunny and warm here. The weather never really changes. It does get cold at night though, but during the day it’s between 70 and 78 degrees at most.

4.) Transportation options. From Uber, to bikes, to subway, to buses…Mexico City has it all and it’s very easy to get around and beyond affordable. Also if you want to go outside Mexico City, transportation within the country is so affordable too.

5.) Uber Eats. I’m lazy sometimes…this has been a life saver for me! I’m out here working hard and can’t get outside to go grab a bite to eat.

6.) Luxury Living. I have a furnished apartment with essentials and right by a train and bus station. A weekly maid that cleans my apartment from top to bottom and washes my clothes. Internet, electricity, and water included. Handyman on site Mon-Sat which fixes things and takes my garbage out for me. I get driven as rides here are always under $5 per ride.

7.) Entertainment. There is SO much to do! As you can see on my blog, I’m never bored. There are all kinds of things to do and see for free or ridiculously cheap. Plus, Mexico City is so big, it would take forever to see everything here.

8.) Language. The language is so beautiful and easy to learn. It also has SO many advantages in being able to travel to four other continents.

9.) Laid back. Everyone is so laid back and upbeat. The whole environment is positive. Even when I lived in the ghetto everyone seemed happy. I don’t have to impress anyone…all I have to be is ME.

10.) Food. Can’t forget the food. My favorite food is so simple…flautas…but I love them to death. I also love a good glass of horchata. The food here is prepared fresh and cooked to order. You also get so much for what you pay. The fruits and vegetables here are fresh too. But, when I tire of Mexican food, there are all the US restaurants you can think of along with other cultures. I’ve had Nigerian and Indian food since I’ve been here.

Stay tuned…my next post will be 10 things I hate about Mexico City. That will be hard to do as haven’t found many cons.