Uneventful Day

Nothing really to report yesterday or today for that matter. Yesterday I had an interview for an Auditor position back in the US and same for today. I also had a short interview for an English teaching position in Colombia yesterday for a summer start date. Between the two interviews I had today, I’ve just been filling out job applications for telecommuting jobs. I have a few of those interviews coming up as well.

Yesterday I just walked to the store grabbed some fruit and ate dinner at the same restaurant my host took me to the other day. I went there because I know the food is good and I didn’t get sick last time. I had a delicious melon agua….tasted like Koolaid. Didn’t get lost this time!

I also washed clothes BY HAND! Guess living without a washer and dryer for the few weeks I was back at home helped me. I now hand wash my clothes and hang them up to dry. I’ve learned the art of layering so my clothes can dry quickly in the sun. That thick sweater I had on when I got her no bueno. I WILL NOT be wearing any more thick clothes.

I went nowhere today and feel bad about it. BUT I was productive in applying for jobs so not all was lost.

I’ll be going back to the store tomorrow as I need a few things to make my life complete. I SO NEED to find a mattress topper. I’ll see if I can find a mattress store or something because I’m crying over here.