Uneventful Day

Nothing really to report yesterday or today for that matter. Yesterday I had an interview for an Auditor position back in the US and same for today. I also had a short interview for an English teaching position in Colombia yesterday for a summer start date. Between the two interviews I had today, I’ve just been filling out job applications for telecommuting jobs. I have a few of those interviews coming up as well.

Yesterday I just walked to the store grabbed some fruit and ate dinner at the same restaurant my host took me to the other day. I went there because I know the food is good and I didn’t get sick last time. I had a delicious melon agua….tasted like Koolaid. Didn’t get lost this time!

I also washed clothes BY HAND! Guess living without a washer and dryer for the few weeks I was back at home helped me. I now hand wash my clothes and hang them up to dry. I’ve learned the art of layering so my clothes can dry quickly in the sun. That thick sweater I had on when I got her no bueno. I WILL NOT be wearing any more thick clothes.

I went nowhere today and feel bad about it. BUT I was productive in applying for jobs so not all was lost.

I’ll be going back to the store tomorrow as I need a few things to make my life complete. I SO NEED to find a mattress topper. I’ll see if I can find a mattress store or something because I’m crying over here.

Second Day is Better

My second day was much, much better. My AirBnB host came over and brought me fresh squeezed orange juice…it was HEAVEN. We decided to meet up at noon so she could show me around the neighborhood. I LOVE the neighborhood I live in…especially after I got lost and no one bothered me lol. There’s all kinds of markets and stores around me within walking distance. We went to lunch at a delicious restaurant where I had chicken enchiladas. They were so good except they were lukewarm.

I SO miss living like this as I lived like that in Los Angeles (Pasadena) where everything is within walking distance. She showed me Starbucks, Carl’s Jr, Little Caesar’s (yuck), a gym, a bank, pharmacy, gas station, and a beautiful church. After doing all that walking I was tired! I was also supposed to meet up with the guy that saved me but I was just too tired to come out so I shall meet up with him today.

I also found my favorite wine. Yea don’t judge me I love the cheap stuff…good ol Barefoot Sweet Red wine. I was ecstatic!

I plan to go back to the store and get some more food and hopefully find a mattress topper plus a few other things. Check out the pictures below!