No news to report

I really have no news to report. I received my SIM card and it should be activated. I heard that my work permit and visa invitation letter should be ready next week and mailed out. I still have a bunch of things to sell, but if I don’t sell them I’ll donate them. At this point, I just want to be free.

I started looking for people to hang out with when I get there and found a few Meetup groups. One lady has already reached out to me. I’ll keep her contact information and write her before I get there.

I’ll speak about why I’m quitting my job and heading overseas later today…I went to bed at 8 and now I’m up at 2 am.

China Cell Phone Service

Spent a few hours researching the cell phone situation in China. From what I researched I could wait until I stepped foot in China and get a sim card at the airport or order one from Ebay or Amazon. I wanted one before I stepped off the plane so I went with a reputable seller by the name of LvyCom. They got a few good reviews so I hope everything works as planned. They also have a “top up” web site that is in English that corresponds to the plan I selected. So it should be easy to refill when the time comes.

The package comes with¬†2GB of 4G data, 100 mins to US or Canada, 50 minutes of local calls or 100 texts, and free incoming calls and texts and is on the¬†China Unicom network. I heard China Mobile is supposed to be better but I can always switch when I get there and get the hang of how things work. I’m hoping and praying I get a “good” phone number with 4s as digits so I can be “lucky”. I chose slow shipping so I could get a credit to Amazon Pantry so I’ll review the activation process next week.

I also researched how my family would call me so they wouldn’t have to call me long distance. This is where Google Hangouts/Voice comes into play. I have a US number through Google and they can just download the app on their phones/computers to call me anytime for free. I looked into Skype but to get a dedicated number costs money. Google Hangouts/Voice is totally free.