Friendly Bacteria

So I rarely eat dairy anymore and I’d like to get the good stuff into my system. You’d usually eat yogurt to do that, but I found out about kefir. Kefir is actually better because it has MORE strains of bacteria. Sooo I got a kit online to grow my own everyday. You just add milk…in my case whole goat milk, put it in a jar, and let it sit overnight. I’ve been drinking it daily in my smoothies. It’s been warding off a yeast infection that I should have from taking these antibiotics for my ear/sinus infection.


Got back from my trip to Hilo, Hawaii! I had a blast. I stayed on the volcano in a high altitude which probably explains my ear infection. First day I went on a tour of the volcanoes. I went during low tourist season and got my own private tour so I was able to do things most tourists wouldn’t be able to do and go at my own pace. Second day I TRIED to go snorkeling but it didn’t happen. I chickened out. The water was too cold even with a wet suit and I just didn’t feel right. I asked the lady how many have chickened out before and I was the first one…oh well lol. I’ll try again in the Atlantic Ocean in warmer waters. Later that day I went ziplining. Man! That was the best part of my trip. I’ll post the GoPro video I did. The last day I helicoptered over the volcano and saw a little lava and the landscape of Hilo. Overall I could see myself living in that small town as long as I had Amazon. Pics coming of the rest of my trip.