In this video series I’m creating, I’m going to review 11 different deodorants I have found. 110% unbiased reviews as I’ve paid for these with my own money. I cannot use antiperspirant so tried to find an all natural deodorant that actually works. This was harder than I thought it would be. Especially since I exercise every day and with that Mexico City sun and Houston heat, it’s impossible to stay fresh. So I’m embarking on this mission again as honestly, I’ve been walking around tart sometimes. I’m determined to find something that works!

First review is of Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant. I’m really not a “scent” person as most smells irritate me to no end and don’t help my asthma either. This one had a strong “wild rose” scent I suppose. Wasn’t too overpowering though, not too irritating, and was bearable by my sensitive body. It wasn’t sticky and left no residue either. I did two sprays under each arm to make sure I had full coverage. I showered around noon and put it on. I was stinky by the evening after a yoga session.

Day 2: I tried again without exercising and still was a little tart. This just doesn’t work. It received almost 5 stars out of 21 reviews on Thrive Market though and is one reason why I bought it. It didn’t work for my funky butt though.

Oh well…next one! You can find the product HERE.

You can sign up for a membership with Thrive Market and receive 25% off your first purchase by going HERE. I really love this online store to find new snacks to test out.

Oh and happy new year! 😉

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