How Much I Spend on Groceries in Mexico City

I used to get my groceries delivered back in the US. I got them delivered in Los Angeles and Tucson, AZ.

When I lived in LA I found out about a company called Instacart and fell in love! A “personal shopper” would go and pick out your groceries for you and deliver them. What I loved most about them is they would call you if they didn’t have an item in stock and ask if you wanted to substitute. This came in handy because I have osteoarthritis in my hips which makes it hard to do a lot of things, I hate grocery shopping with a passion, and I could buy more things than hauling my little cart with me to the store as I didn’t drive. The service fee was not more than $10, a small price to pay for such convenience.

It was a bit different when I lived in Tucson. Of course, they did not have Instacart (small town living) so I used Safeway Delivery. It was not personalized at all but they had the option of automatically giving you items to substitute with if your brand or item was not available. A huge delivery truck would make its rounds for the day delivering customer’s orders. I did not like that I had to order the day before and could never order the day of. I also utilized Walmart Pick Up as I did drive in Tucson. I would order my groceries AND household products on Thursday and pick them up on Friday. It was a very handy service.

Anyhoo what am I getting at? Mexico has grocery and household product delivery! I brought back my blender and slow cooker/pressure cooker combo and will be cooking more. I’m just spending WAY too much one eating out every day. My first meal last week was Black Bean Soup. I ordered again yesterday to have Chicken Tacos (yes I’m officially a Mexican!) and picked up a few more items. The service is personalized just like Instacart but of course, my Spanish is garbage so when they call I have no idea what they are saying. The delivery is very quick and easy. You just go online order your food and/or household products, set a time for delivery, and purchase! They bring your delivery in reusable bags that you just have to remember to give back at the next delivery. From what I’ve seen delivery is either $69 or $99 pesos (about $3.83-$5.50) depending on how much you order.

This is what I bought on my first delivery (May 19th):
1 Cebolla Blanca Limpia $9.60 (white onion)
1 Pimienta Negra Selecto 65 Gramos $50.50 (pepper)
1 Agua de manantial $42.00 (bottled water)
4 Frijoles Enteros Negros La Costeña Lata 560 Gramos $52.00 (canned black beans)
1 Hojas de Laurel Catarinos 5 Gramos $13.50 (bay leaves)
4 Caldo de Pollo Campbells 500 Mililitros $62.00 (chicken broth)
1 Comino Orgánico Full Circle 45 Gramos $69.00 (cumin)
6 Limón Sin Semilla $3.28 (limes)
1 Apio granel $13.53 (celery)
2 Ajo Granel Kg $10.32 (garlic)
1 Cebolla De Cambray granel Pza $5.00 (green onions)
2 Agua natural $33.00 (jugs of water)
1 Crema Alpura Entera Baja Grasa 200 ml $12.00 (sour cream)
1 Cilantro Orgánico Full Circle 39 Gramos $69.00 (coriander)
1 Salsa picante orig louisiana 141g $8.50 (hot sauce)
4 Chile Jalapeño granel $5.43 (jalapenos)
Total (with $99 delivery fee): $557.50 pesos (in US dollars at about 18 pesos to a dollar is about $30)

This is what I bought on my second delivery (May 22nd), the only things they did not have (which I REALLY wanted to try) was Persimos (persimmons), Guanabana (some type of fruit), and my Lindt Sea Salt Chocolate Bar:

1 Platano Dominico Kg $30.66 (type of banana)
1 Quita Esmalte Nuvel Sin Acetona 100Ml $13.00 (nail polish remover)
1 Alcohol Mena Desnaturalizado 500 Ml $22.00 (rubbing alcohol)
1 Pimiento Rojo granel $13.75 (red pepper)
4 Dulce Enchilado Skwinkles skwinklote relleno Piña Tamarindo 1Pz 40 G $44.00 (my favorite candy)
1 Guante Vileda Style Chico $34.50 (rubber gloves)
4 Tomate Bola granel $32.22 (tomatos)
1 Pimiento Amarillo granel $14.34 (yellow pepper)
1 Mntqlla Gloria Lecordo Bleu 225 Gr $46.50 (butter)
1 Tortilla Amarilla kg $11.79 (tortillas)
1 Pechuga Sin Hueso de Pollo Fresca Kilogramo $101.48 (raw chicken breast)
1 Desengrasante Brasso Naranja Liquido Limpiador 650 Mililitros $28.00 (refill cleaning solution)
1 Hermetico 1.8 Litro Rubbermaid Cuadrado Plastico $76.50 (tupperware)
2 Frijoles Enteros Negros La Costeña Lata 560 Gramos $26.00 (canned black beans)
5 Mango Ataulfo $33.71 (mangos)
1 Cebolla Blanca Limpia $7.23 (onion)
1 Platano Macho $5.89 (another type of banana)
1 Chile en Polvo Orgánico Full Circle 56 Gramos $69.00 (chili powder)
1 Lechuga Romana Pza $18.00 (lettuce)
1 Queso Agruasc Asadero $76.50 (cheese)
1 Vino Tinto Barefoot Sweet Red 750 Mililitros $141.00 (red wine)
1 Pads Faciales Envisage 100 Pza $20.00 (facial pads)
1 Cilantro Rollo $6.50 (cilantro)
1 Fresa Pz $43.00 (strawberries)
1 Azúcar Estándar Aires De Campo Orgánica 1 Kilogramo $34.00 (sugar)
1 Pimiento Verde granel $7.52 (green pepper)
8 Activia Mango y avena $10.50 (yogurt)
2 Zarzamora Pz $60.00 (black berries)
1 Ruffles sabor queso $36.00 (chips)
1 Ruffles $30.00 (chips)
1 Avena Quakers Oast $34.50 (oatmeal)
Total (with $69 delivery fee): $1,270.48 pesos (in US dollars at about 18 pesos to a dollar is about $70)

As you can see, I can probably survive on $50 per week. A lot of the items I bought, I can continually use so I didn’t really spend much on groceries and household products. I also believe Walmart delivers (why else would they have meat on their web site) and another local store called Superama. I will try them out too.

You also have to remember that the food is fresh with no hormones and other additives. I will do a video on how different the chicken breasts I got look in comparison to any chicken breast I’ve ever gotten in the US. It just does not look the same because it’s not pumped full of drugs. My fruit tastes like heaven and is so sweet and always fresh. There is no comparison!

You can check out my other article on what my expenses were in the US compared to my expenses now.

Bringing My Dog to Mexico

A post on how I brought my dog to Mexico City…small dogs only that can fit under the seat!

Health Certificate

I had to call around to about six different veterinarians in The Woodlands area of Houston, Texas to find one that did health certificates. The cost was $95. My dog was not up to date on one shot so I got that. I read on another blog that my dog needed to be dewormed and given a flea pill so got that too. Total cost $165.

My health certificate was accepted at the Mexico City airport just fine. I was so nervous I even asked for a letter stating my dog was healthy but it was not needed. The health certificate must not be older than 10 days before departure.

You need form APHIS 7001. Everything should be typed in and you should get TWO copies. One copy must be signed in black ink and the other copy in blue ink. No abbreviations on the health certificate.

For Mexico, a USDA registered veterinarian is not needed. No USDA license number or certificate number is needed on the form. The rabies vaccination injected and lot number must be filled in with the date given. Any other vaccinations given must also be filled in with the date given. I had the veterinarian write in the dewormer and flea medication given too. The two boxes certifying the pet to be free of diseases and healthy must be checked. The veterinarian must fill in their information and sign the form.

I flew United and more information on traveling with a pet is here. I brought my dog in a pet carrier and no one said one word to me. He traveled the whole 2 hours under the seat without making a peep.

I arrived and got through customs at about 4:30pm. I do not know if the office that handles animals is open 24/7/365. I made sure I would get there before 5pm just to be on the safe side.

For more information on how to bring your pet to Mexico, check out the USDA website.

My Lil Ugly